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Our Courses Director, Mike Houlihan discussing management issues on BBC Oxford.
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Managing Difficult People

• Feedback and Negotiation Skills to manage difficult people.
• Resolve conflicts to make a happier and more productive team.

Special Rate £147 + VAT

Managing Cultural Differences in the Workplace

This course is designed to help you communicate quickly and effectively with team-members, colleagues, clients or senior people from international or multi-cultural backgrounds. Read more>>

Special Rate £147 + VAT

Essential Selling Skills

If you need to make your sales sizzle, this course is for you whether you are new to selling or have experience and need a refresher.

Special Rate £147 + VAT

Being Confident & Assertive at Work

Constantly Communicate with other people politely and persistently.

Special Rate £147 + VAT

Working Across Borders in a Post-Brexit World

Course Objectives:
your focus – what do you need to achieve?
Help your organisation decide its international strategy – what, where, when and who? Read more>>>

Special Rate £147 + VAT