Essential Selling Skills

13th Mar – Sheffield
17th Mar – Bristol
20th Mar – Glasgow
6th Apr – Chelmsford
20th Apr – Southampton

If you need to make your sales sizzle, this course is for you whether you are new to selling or have experience and need a refresher.
You will learn the essential principles of selling through an understanding of:
The behaviours of top salespeople
Speaking the customer’s sensory language for maximum effectiveness
The fast impact of Trust
Banking your own strengths and reflecting on areas for improvement in selling situations
Identify your client’s/customer’s needs through effective 21st Century Collaboration rather than old fashioned methods.
Gaining the customer’s Attention and Interest
Turning Interest into Desire and Action

This one-day workshop can help you to achieve the sales you need now. We take you through the whole selling process so that you can skilfully increase your revenues. From meeting prospective clients to dealing

Effectively with objections and closing the sale.

Work collaboratively with your clients to build rewarding relationships. Decisively choose the most effective option when going for ‘the close’.
‘Collaborative Selling’ will take you through an empowering 6 Step system from first contact through to going for the ‘close’.

    1. Communicating powerful reasons to meet
    2. Identifying needs and wants
    3. Opening up your customer’s choices
    4. Agreeing on problems and solutions
    5. Dealing with objections

Asking for the Order – Going for the ‘Close’.
With over 25 years direct sales, management and entrepreneurial experience, our presenter Mike Houlihan founded Health Courses & Careers Update in 1996. The company has now trained over 10,000 people across a wide range of organisations. Mike has spoken at national events and has talked about our work on BBC Radio Oxford. Mike is trained in NLP techniques and is also a qualified Hypnotherapist and a member of the National Council of Psychotherapists.

Recent comments from delegates:

Incredibly helpful. Valuable insights into how to deal with different people

Excellent…very informative, will use in my workplace. Thanks very much appropriate and insightful

This was an excellent meeting which I have mentioned to a number of people following the course
Very diverse, content was not expected but well received

The session was extremely informative with high quality resources provided

‘Collaborative Selling’ is for you if –

  • You need to build new sales by helping customers understand how your product or service can answer their needs.
  • You have the desire to build your sales in collaboration with your customers.
  • You are new to sales or have experience and need a refresher.
  • All delegates receive our ‘Essential Selling Skills’ workbook packed with tips, techniques and evidence based information to support you from first meeting through to making the sale.

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